Beautiful End: Devising Workshops with Carran Waterfield

As part of the ‘Beautiful End’ project, Carran Waterfield is offering taster workshops for creatives covering devising and adaptation techniques though a creative approach to the novel ‘Beautiful End’ by Westmorland writer Constance Holme.

‘Beautiful End’ first published in 1918 concerns the life and care of an elderly tenant farmer by his living relatives and is set in and around the Kent Estuary featuring many recognisable sites close to Heron Corn Mill, the location for the workshops.  The themes provoke and challenge assumptions about old age, home and identity. The workshops may hold deep resonance for anyone who has experienced caring for an elderly relative or for people with a deep consideration for the landscape in relation to body and family.  They will also be of value to the creative individual looking for inspiration and new techniques.

We will consider four themes within the novel concerning four devising/adaptation aspects.

Workshop dates:

  • 24th March: The Landscape in ‘Beautiful End’ (space/location)
  • 20th May: The Room in ‘Beautiful End’ (objects/personal anecdote)
  • 2nd June: The Route in ‘Beautiful End’ (structure/space/time)
  • 30th June: The Old Man in ‘Beautiful End’ (character)

Each workshop runs from 10am – 2pm and costs £40 per person per workshop.

Refreshments are included.

For more information and to book your place please contact: