Carran Waterfield Artist in Residence

As artist-in-residence at the mill, Carran Waterfield is working on stories of women loosely associated with the mill and the surrounding area in response to the mill’s archive.

Sharing of a work in progress.

Following her performances of  The House (a piece about contemporary poverty and workhouses) at Heron Corn Mill in November of 2015, Carran has shared some performative responses to her research at the mill which has included the development of a collection of short films which have been documented here.

Beautiful End

‘Beautiful End’ is a creative response to the novel of the same title by Westmorland writer Constance Holme who lived and wrote from Milnthorpe and Arnside, Cumbria. The novel, also a one-act play called ‘The Home of Vision’, concerns the life and care of an elderly tenant farmer by his living relatives and is set in and around the Kent Estuary with recognisable locations close to the location of Heron Corn Mill, the commissioning organisation behind the project.  It provokes and challenges assumptions about old age, home and identity.

Carran Waterfield, lead artist for the project discovered the novel amongst the Heron Corn Mill archives during her year-long residency at the mill in 2016. Written in 1918, popular in the 1930s and then forgotten, its concerns still seem relevant today.

Between November 2017 and June 2018 Carran will be working with musician Carolyn Francis and creative artist/musician Luke Crookes along with participants interested in developing the pilot project with a view to a larger scale performance event.

The project will involve exploratory workshops by the artists, practical enquiry workshops with participants, a sharing weekend of performance, readings and talks with a photographic exhibition.

You can get a flavour or the project idea here:

Beautiful End – a first impression

The project is supported by the Hadfield Trust, Westmorland Arts Trust, Granada Foundation and Heron Corn Mill.

Please check the diary and brochure for activities associated with ‘Beautiful End’.

Carran welcomes collaborators and interested participants, so if you would like to be involved in this project please contact

Carran Waterfield