808 is a transitional project based in the barn at Heron Corn Mill, which enables members of our older Mill Hoppers group to move on to bigger challenges, and also offers them more freedom of expression within their work.

The aim of 808 is to bridge the gap between the Mill Hoppers club and further education, while also providing skills that employers will find desirable. We also hope to encourage new volunteers who will go on to train within the mill and education programme.

Young people in the 808 group learn a number of important key skills based around music and video production. Group members are also mentored on a one-to-one basis by the artists leading the group, who have a number of years experience in their respective fields.

Young people will be invited to join 808 as they reach the end of the older Mill Hoppers group, and if they demonstrate an interest in furthering their time at Heron Corn Mill.