Flash Art Workshops

This summer Heron Corn Mill presents two weeks of themed family workshops, where there’ll be a different fun-packed activity taking place every day!

Have a go Crafts
Monday 31st July
Join Kerry from Cotton On to sample a cornucopia of crafty delights, as she teaches you how to make a funky mixed media wallet, some basic jewellery, and a mini stuffed bear! There’ll also be the chance to sample some paper crafts, as Kerry shows you some card making and basic origami!

Viking Arts, crafts and Combat Skills **FULLY BOOKED**
Tuesday 1st August
Archaeologists Iain and Karen lead this workshop where you can design and decorate your own Viking shield! Learn all about the different art styles employed by the Vikings as you create your own jewellery, like wire bracelets, rings and brooches, and at the end of the day you’ll put your shields to the test with some Viking battle skills using foam swords!

Spinning and Weaving
Wednesday 2nd August
Learn all about the wonder of weaving with textile artist Stella Adams-Schofield, as she takes you on a short walk to gather sheep’s wool and other material from the fields and hedges around Heron Corn Mill, before weaving and spinning what you’ve found into beautiful wall hangings!

Fire, Yeast, Flour & Water **FULLY BOOKED**
Thursday 3rd August
Join bakers Nell and Kate for a day of baking both indoors and out, as they teach you all about the art of kneading dough as you make your own loaf of bread to take home! There’ll also be a charcoal fire and bread dampers, and the chance to use brightly coloured salt doughs to make some fantastic bread sculptures!

Victorian Fun & Games
Friday 4th August
Join the Iron Shepherds for an outdoor fun day to discover how Victorian people entertained themselves! Play with a variety of traditional games and toys, learning how the lower classes made fun from very little, and see how things have changed today.

Building Biscuits **FULLY BOOKED**
Monday 7th August
Let your imaginations run free as you design, bake and build your own fantastic biscuit creations! Join Nell and Kate to create a chocolate flying machine, a cherry submarine, a gingerbread house or a fantasy tower that you’ll then be able to take home and eat!

Prehistoric Pottery 
Tuesday 8th August **FULLY BOOKED**
Join archaeologists Iain and Karen to build and decorate a coil pot using locally sourced clay, then build a turf kiln to fire your creations! There’ll also be the opportunity to reassemble broken artefacts in an archaeological style!

Eco-Printing and Cloth Dyeing
Wednesday 9th August
Textile artist Stella Adams-Schofield will lead this eco-friendly workshop, where she’ll use plant materials gathered from around the mill site to teach you how to make prints, yarns and pigments that can then be used to dye cloth!

Nature Detectives
Thursday 10th August
Become a nature detective with Pauline and Pete, and sample a variety of different art and craft tables themed around fish and river life. There will also be a short walk in the afternoon led by Pete to discover other animals and plants that live in the area.

Medieval Rope and Net Making 
Friday 11th August
Join the Iron Shepherds for this historic workshop to learn how rope was made and how to make a net! You will have the chance to get hands on making lengths of rope and knitting nets using traditional tools, and learn what these resources were used for in medieval times!

Fun with Felt
Saturday 12th August
Join Kerry from Cotton On for a day of wet felt making, where she’ll teach you how to mesh merino sheep fleece fibres together to make your own unique piece of art that you’ll be able to take home with you at the end of the day!

All workshops run from 11am to 3.30pm.

Tickets are priced at £6 per child, per day. You can book by calling us on 01539 564271, emailing us at, or visiting the barn.

No unaccompanied children under 8.

Places for each day are limited so booking early is essential.

Children will require a packed lunch as these are all day sessions.