• The Turbine house contains a 100kW Kaplan hydropower turbine
  • Installed in 2009/10, it is driven solely by the River Bela's flow.
  • Kaplan turbines are the most widely used of all propeller-type turbines because they are highly efficient, even when the flow of the river is slow.
  • Use of the River Bela to generate electricity is not new at Heron Corn Mill. In fact, early in the 20th century, a small external waterwheel, connected to a generator, powered lighting at the mill right up until 1974.
  • The Kaplan turbine continues this sustainable tradition - although, unlike it's predecessor, it produces more than enough electricity to power the needs of the whole site. Surplus electricity is sold to the paper mill opposite.
  • Heron Corn Mill's turbine is one of the first publicity accessible schemes of its kind in Britain.