ManWorks is a mini festival of three new performance pieces curated by artist in residence Carran Waterfield.
The three works draw their inspiration from the human form within the landscape, and features ‘Smudge’ by Luke Crookes, ‘Black Rivers’ by Patrick Campbell and ‘Rock Songs’ by Nick Sales.

A word from curator Carran Waterfield
“This mini festival forms a celebration of group work that manifests itself in the solo performance. I hope you can come along and enjoy the work. I have been artist in Residence at Heron Mill since 2016 working intermittently on a variety of projects. During my residency I ran several workshops facilitating participants in the creation of their own work. I am really delighted to be able to share these two pieces (Smudge and Black Rivers) from my workshop series: Devising Your Own Creative Work and Recharging Your Creativity. Rock Songs, the third in this trilogy originated in the project group in Charmouth I attended where Sandra Reeve from Move into Life facilitated the creation of my walking performance Little Blue Man.”

A word from Luke Crookes about Smudge
“Developed over eighteen month’s on Carran Waterfield’s course, this piece started life inspired by a collection of my poems. Threading together themes from each poem I began to unravel and express my own story. The transformation that has followed has been deeply personal and professional. Through Carran’s work I’ve developed the alien formless life-form ‘Smudge’. Originally ‘Smudge’ was a scarecrow who felt empty. After trying out the scarecrow on an audience I changed him to an alien. I have found new creativity and a depth of expression that is impacting every aspect of my life. I’ve discovered the deep power creativity can have, when done without judgments or interference over long periods of time, in helping me to find a new inspiration for living life itself. Where did we come from? Where are we going? What happens to us as we grow up on earth? Is it possible to undo the things we have become when we weren’t looking? Come see a life form called Smudge as he lets everything go, to return to a place of happymess!”

A word from Patrick about Black Rivers
“Stuck in the ivory tower, trapped in the attic of academia, an English academic becomes possessed by his historical case studies. As he journeys along the Black River that leads to hell, he uncovers the underbelly of Western Modernity: the colonial scene. This is a story about a personal ancestry. Mixing theatre, song and storytelling, Black Rivers is fruit of artist Patrick Campbell’s ongoing creative partnership with Carran Waterfield (UK), as well as his contact with members of the Grotowski Workcentre (Italy) and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark).”

A word from Nick about Rock Songs
“Rock Songs started in Sandra Reeve’s Project Group as an evocation of the landscape of home, the mountains and rivers – Sawdde, Tywi, Garn Goch, Black Mountain – at the western end of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. It’s about the land, and the settlers, saints, drovers, tourists and all who have walked its paths. And those we share this world with: red kite, otter, domesticated animals, the stones under our feet, and their own stories. And it’s about how we live on this land and how we look at it. Sitting by the river prompts a dance, a poem begins from one log noticed in the action of stacking, walking produces a song. Physical Theatre? Performed Poem? Installation? Ritual? For me, it’s an offering for the wild spaces within us and without.”

Tickets: £5 each

Licensed bar and refreshments available

Saturday 8th September 1.30pm – 5.45pm