A River Runs Through It (2012)

Taking ‘Waterpowered Mills of South Westmorland’ by John Somervell as it’s inspiration, this 12 month project led by artist Nell Dale enabled visitors to gain a greater understanding of the social, economic, industrial and agricultural background of Heron Corn Mill, and its place in the rural setting of South Cumbria.

The book was written by John Somervell – a founder of K Shoe Company in Kendal – in the 1930’s, and catalogues  around 70 watermills on the River Bela and its tributaries. Today only 2 working mills remain.

Through the project we celebrated the lives of ordinary people who farmed, milled and made their living both at the mill and in the surrounding area. We have also made new friends, and we have continued the projects legacy through organised visits to hidden mills with collections unseen, and through walks into the past, and discussions long into the afternoon, with our ‘time-share’ ploughman’s lunches.

One of the pieces of work to emerge from the project was the short film ‘Night Shift’ which was created in conjunction with Adam Clarke and can be viewed below.

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A companion book about the water mills of the River Bela, and both the flora & fauna, and the wildlife in and around the surrounding area is still available from our shop