Harvest Festival (2006)

At the Autumn Equinox 2006, Heron Corn Mill held its first showcase of work – HARVEST FESTIVAL, on Beetham Sports Field. It was the culmination of the arts and education programmes, following through our theme of the farming year.


Beginning in March with the SEED TIME, interacting with the local and visiting community, we gathered information for our development plans. From this, we celebrated the seasons through workshops and events, with themed bread-making, art, music and performance.

At HARVEST FESTIVAL over 2,500 people enjoyed a sprawling farmers market, sideshows, performance, displays and interventions. The show was opened by a procession of volunteers and participants dressed in bread, straw and grass costumes, led by The Lord of the Harvest.

The HARVEST SUPPER in the evening was an eclectic mix of music, performance and art with the addition of hog roast! Performers on the evening included Kirs Foster, Weirdstring, Voice of the Seven Woods, David Blandy & Mr. David Viner.

The event was a first for the village of Beetham, and a huge success.

Harvest Festival was funded by the Arts Council, Leader+ and Rural Regeneration Cumbria

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