Heron Song (2006)

Heron Song was a Youth Music funded project. It involved local young people working with musicians and writers Shaun Blezard, Ali Rigg, Jodi Watson and Ann Wilson to create new songs inspired by the local area.


“Undertaking Heron Song has been a great boost for Heron Corn Mill.  It has helped us confidently pave the way for more work with our local youth groups, it presented us with an amazing concert, still talked about by locals, in a remote village hall. It will entertain all our visitors to the mill for the rest of the season with songs written for the space, created by the intrinsic sounds of the mill, and by local children re-telling their stories and tales. It has been a wonderful concept, beautifully presented.” Audrey Steeley

Over the course of the project we looked at the myths and local legends as a starting point for expressing the world as a young person living in the area. The young people also learnt about junk instrument making. We worked with Beetham Primary School and youth groups in Arnside and Milnthorpe.

Heron Song finished with a sold out performance at Silverdale Village Hall with over 30 young people on stage singing their hearts out.

Comments from participants

“I’ve really enjoyed this project coz I’ve just been able to get involved with what I enjoy doing and I’d just like to thank people who were involved such as Ali, Jodi, Shaun and Ann.”

 “Its been really good… because you haven’t been told to do everything exactly how you’re supposed to… and you get freedom to do what you want… coz we get to write the songs and we get to make the instruments rather than they just giving them to us and we doing it… so its been really good.” 

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