• Heron Corn Mill on the banks of the river Bela in Beetham; South Cumbria, is one of the few working mills in the area, and has been a base for local industry powered by renewable energy for over 900 years.
  • Water from the river is fed to the waterwheel down a wooden channel known as the "launder"
  • The force of the water flowing down the launder turns the waterwheel, causing the mill's machinery to rumble into action.
  • Heron Corn Mill is a "lowder mill" which refers to the large free standing oak frame in the centre of the milling floor.
  • When all is ready, the miller engages the "stone nut" so that power is harnessed from the waterwheel, and the millstones grumble into life.
  • Heron Corn Mill now has regular milling demonstrations and you can buy our traditional stoneground flour in the shop